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Use Cases

You & Your Organization Need Coaches Like These


Our executive coaching team coach from a place of emotional and spiritual intelligence. With a deep understanding of the challenges and internal conflicts that many leaders in corporate America face, we make it our duty to guide everyone of clients to uncover their greatest potential.

In the face of adversity, resistance and even dismay, the resilience of our certified specialists

at YOU; Loud & Clear deliver over and over again.

As a team, we are committed to developing leaders,

transforming organizations, and restoring the heart and soul of corporate America.

How We’ve Helped Leaders Like You

Use Case #1

Number of Employees: 30,000

Length of Engagement: 12 months

CHALLENGE: Streamlined Operations for BIG Pharma


COMPANY PROFILE: A $50 billion multi-national pharmaceutical company found itself losing competitive numbers and market share because its organizational structure designed for an older business model had become slow and cumbersome. The company recognized the need to restructure itself from eleven separate businesses into four business categories.


YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc. co-created a solution with the current team through the facilitation of employee surveys, 360 Degree Assessments, one-on-one interviews with leadership and data analysis. After gathering all the pertinent data and gaining buy-in from all stakeholders we executed our strategic plan that resulted in the redesign of the department. 

YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc.’s organizational change (redesign) affected all aspects of the organization, including:
•    Training and skill requirements
•    Reporting relationships and structures
•    Information systems to support the new design
•    Pay and recognition systems
•    Decision-making and accountability
•    Roles


YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc. organizational change initiative eliminated redundant costs, created easier interfaces for their customers, and streamlined processes to increase responsiveness.  The outcome? A more nimble and agile organization that beat its annual budget by 15% delivering more value to its leadership, board of directors, shareholders, employees and clients.

Use Case  #2

Number of Employees: 59,000
Length of Engagement: 2 years

CHALLENGE: Big Pharma - Impact in the Boardroom — 

COMPANY PROFILE: A tough minded forthright client in a big commercial role was promoted on to the operating Board. Much to his surprise his impact and ability to get his voice heard at the Board table was significantly less than he was used to. He began to lose confidence on the one hand and overuse his forthright style on the other, exacerbating the situation. He felt very isolated and did not know who to ask for help, in what felt like quite an unwelcoming environment. This was the first time in his career he had felt this way.


YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc. collaborated and co-created a plan of success that focused on executive coaching to help him read the underlying Boardroom dynamics of his colleagues quickly, understand his own reactions under pressure and his default communication styles.


He learned to partner in subtle and sophisticated ways with his Board peers. He ended up being the ‘go to’ person for many of them.  A year and half later he was promoted again.

Use Case  #3

Number of Employees: 800
Length of Engagement: 2 Years

CHALLENGE: Team Dysfunction

COMPANY PROFILE:  The CEO of a $400 million a year staffing agency sought out to develop a team building program to help address communication issues and team inefficiencies.


Upon initial consult, YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc. recommended a deeper diver to uncover the root cause of real issues. We conducted personal interviews with team members and stakeholders and discovered that the issues went beyond communication. Significant trust issues with the leadership team, lack of transparency and lack of direction was causing the team to be competitive, siloed, and dysfunctional.

YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc.  developed a custom workshop paired with individual coaching sessions that uncovered the challenges being faced by the team. In addition, the workshop addressed style differences and leadership gaps. Activities focused on the development of team protocols and a plan for addressing team challenges and development opportunities.  We also focused on evolving the team from dysfunction to cohesion by fostering trust. 


YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc.’s activities, strategies and tactics helped the team gain awareness of their communication and learning-style differences. The activities helped the team learn to adjust their individual styles when working with others. They developed solid protocols and standard operating procedures for working together in the future.

Use Case  #4

Number of Employees: 25,000
Length of Engagement: Three months

CHALLENGE: Leadership Immersion

COMPANY PROFILE:  A large corporate biotech client engaged YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc.  
to develop a full-day leadership immersion program for their new managers. The goal was for the participants to experience leadership in a completely unfamiliar setting, during an uncertain time while leading unknown teams to complete tasks.


 YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc. developed a full-day program of experiential leadership activities and exercises designed to test participant’s leadership skills. The program featured opportunities for each manager to lead an activity, then to receive feedback on their leadership style and how well they led their team, along with an introspective self-reflection of actions completed well and areas for improvement. Debriefs focused on after action reviews, behavioral styles, leadership principles, and values in action.


YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc.’s day-long immersion into experiential activities was consistently rated as excellent via employee surveys and debriefs. Upon checking in with the CHRO a year later we were told the level of manager attrition decreased by 25% as a direct result of our training.

Use Case  #5

Number of Employees: 22,000
Length of Engagement: 12 months

CHALLENGE: Improving Leadership through Personal Development Coaching


COMPANY PROFILE:  YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc.’s client was recently appointed Chief Diversity Officer for  the Department of Aviation. Being new to management, she found herself needing support and growth around communication skills, leadership skills and ways to enhance healthy self-care tools.



YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc. engaged with this client for Personal Development Coaching to enhance her leadership skills and reach both personal and professional goals. We set a baseline for client using our customized 360 degree assessment at the beginning of her engagement, followed by six months of personal development/self-coaching.


YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc. was able to help our client in a variety of ways, including:


·      A heightened self-awareness that led to a lot of breakthroughs in how she showed up as a leader 

·      Improved communication 

·      Improved Executive Presence 

·      Advanced skills in conflict transformation & conflict resolution 

·      A Significant shift in diplomacy in managing working relationships with my boss and my peers.

·      Uncovering and dismantling some of the most impactful past micro-traumas that were fueling self-doubt 

·      The recognition of what role past experiences have played in influencing professional experiences and emotions 

·      Increased empathy and emotional intelligence. 


After the initial coaching engagement was complete, the client has hired YOU: Loud & Clear, Inc. for additional coaching sessions year over year. The client gave the following testimonial about her experience:


"Kelly is one of the best people I've had the honor and pleasure to work with. She will challenge your heart and mind and you'll be a better leader and manager, and person, because if it! I highly recommend, actually it should be mandated, for women of color in leadership to get coaching. Women of color leaders are indispensable to our world and our work. We need to remember that. Leadership and management coaching for me is an essential tool to help us navigate this critical space."


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