Gaylin Laughlin, Principle Security Analyst – EMC2

Talking with Kelly has helped me see the way I show up in the world, which really needed to change – I had lost a lot of confidence over the past few months and needed to re-focus on some of the core values and principles that are important to me. I want to carry myself forward in the world directly relative to the kindness, strength and integrity that I believe in so strongly. My thinking really shifted from a mindset where I actually believed others had total power over me to one where I remembered that I am a strong, smart, powerful person in her own right.

Julie Ovalle, VP of Human Resources – Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

Kelly’s tenacious drive and willingness to see you succeed is simply inspiring and quite refreshing. She asks and addresses the tough questions and dives deep to help you find practical resolution to complex problems.


Jim Shulman, Principal – Business Management with Jim Shulman

Kelly Meerbott is far more than a typical coach: she transforms thinking. Her approach is not to steer the client to specific answers, but to open up a whole new way of considering challenges and opportunities. Since I began working with Kelly six months ago my business has evolved quickly; I’m now spending more time with sophisticated and appreciative clients, thanks to her suggestions. If you’re willing to work diligently—and, make no mistake about it, changing old habits and conventional thinking is hard work—you can find no better guide to personal and professional success.

Leslie Lewis Sword, Artist and Writer

In just one 30 minute session, Kelly’s incisive yet loving questions helped me to make choices to pare down the distractions in my life, and I can feel the relief. I’m ready to take action on what I learned.

Sandra B. Tate, Executive Leadership

Within the very first half hour of our conversation, I knew Kelly was the real thing and had something special to share, especially after assessing my unique concerns at the time. She is truly a coach’s coach and she is not afraid to ask the difficult questions to drill down to the appropriate solutions. When you are looking for the kind of quality business or personal insights that can really take your business or you to the next level of your aspirations – you won’t have to look far. I strongly and highly recommend you give Kelly a call. I truly appreciate the values she brings to my understanding and the joys of sharing each others goals to a better future. Helping me to build the right kind of mastermind support, resources and focus that will lead me to deeper levels of success. She is not only knowledgeable, honest, skilled, and caring, but brings the quality that is so missing in other connections. It’s her passion to help others secure their own which is unique, but she is definitely one of my secret weapons to make sure my goals become gems for others too. I’m proud to have her on my team and I’m sure you will feel the same way too.

Cassandra Stish, Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) – Coshx Labs

Kelly is a remarkable listener and has a rare gift for hearing/seeing obstacles that block you for manifesting your potential. Kelly will help you see clearly the places where you have sold yourself short, made excuses or stagnated in your progress. Then she will help you create a path forward. Kelly is the real thing and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to 1) develop their leadership skills 2) learn to communicate in a better way 3) learn to live a life aligned to your highest authenticity.